------------------ Other Niche Subjects ---------------------

Subjects outside of IM and marketing that I have experience writing on.

Holiday Products and Shopping
Acai Berry
Weight Loss
Seduction and PUA (Theory and Techniques)
Online Dating and Relationships
Investing (Forex and Day Trading)
Real Estate
TV and Movie Reviews
Fiction Writing How-to
Essay Writing How-to
Religion (Christian, Catholicism and Others)
Occult Subjects (Masonry, ESP, Conspiracy, and Magick)
Tarot, Horoscopes, and Other Divination
Travel (US, and South East Asia)
Budget Travel
Mental Health
Hypnotism, Persuasion, and NLP
Goal Setting and Success Theory
Magic (card magic specifically)
Book Collecting, Book Dealing, and Library Science
Video Games (Computer, Xbox, and Ps3)
Computer Tech (Hardware and Software)
Technology Gadgets
Peer to Peer Download Systems
Publishing Industry (Book and magazine)
Self-Publishing Industry
Recipes and Food Writing
Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Products

And many many more...